Week 23 – Feelings

Feelings are important for me, I am driven by them. Reading the current scroll I had to realise that I am very much driven by them. I wake up in the morning with a flad of thoughts and the quality of my day is set by them. I have never noticed it before! They sneek […]

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Week 22 – Letting go

I am not eating certain things for six weeks till Easter to give a break to my body and allow detoxification. At the beggining of my diet at one point I was walking on the street, when I realised that I felt much lighter, it was wonderful. Later I decided to do a liver detox […]

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Week 17/a – The hero’s journey

Watching this week’s suppliment made me think. It is mindblowing how Aimee changed her feelings and thinking and ultimately her life about the fact that she had no lower legs. I was gonna write ‘…about her disability’. Disability? Her example shows that it is rather a possibility. Disadvantage at first sight that she turned around […]

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