Experience of week 4

I work at a hospital at present, I do day and night shifts as well. I am doing nights this week, and as usual, the night work has turned my body ‘upside down’ and mentally I am like a ‘zombie’ this week. Probably because I was not fully ‘present’ in my conscious mind, I operated in […]

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Experience of week 3

Enthusiasm is crucial. But during week 1 & 2 I felt that I couldn’t keep up my enthusiasm; at the same time, I knew this is one of the corner stones for changing my life around. I was thinking how could I generate and keep up burning enthusiasm, it was in my mind during sitting as well. […]

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Experience of week 2

I checked my e-mails the other day as usual. It was such a surprise a positive shock reading the notifications about comments and followers! I have followers!!! It has been a huge honour and I feel connected. Thank you!!! Nothing like this had ever happened to me. It has given me something that made me solid and grounded in this journey. […]

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Experience of week 1

OMG! It’s going to be a huge journey! A journey of opening up and stepping to another level/world. What a world it is! Here actually I (!) am in charge of my own life! What an opportunity it is! I so much feel the old blue print working and wanting to keep me in the […]

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