Week 7 – In no man’s land

Doing the Mkmma class for the second time gives me the experience of my last year’s challenges and failures. I am now able to see myself and the process clearer and this helped me to go through last week’s challenge, I managed to eliminate resentment and anger that time. Something has shifted, I feel much […]

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Week 6 – Hammer it in!

Another challenge this week: my starving angry and resentful cells wanted to get fed no matter what. The observer in me recognised the ‘game’ and that something has to be done here and this time differently.  What if I don’t give in the ‘cravings’? I felt that the Law of Substitution is the direction to […]

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Week 5 – Can I?

My father is not well. We live thousands of miles apart from each other and although I visit him regularly I can’t stop thinking and worrying about him. This anxiety has held me back a great deal in the mkmma process, I have been feeling very guilty for working on myself wanting to shine and […]

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Week 4 – Feelings

I think week four is huge. Learning about the frontal lobe and how the neuro peptides work I really understand now why and how I am what I am. It is surprising that there is an addiction in having to get ‘a daily fix’ of certain feelings and that actually determines my identity and reality. […]

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