Week 23 – Feelings
Feelings are important for me, I am driven by them. Reading the current scroll I had to realise that I[...]
Week 22 – Letting go
I am not eating certain things for six weeks till Easter to give a break to my body and allow[...]
Week 20 & 21 – Awakening & The Decision
For how much longer can I hide? And the thing is, I know now that I am hiding, it has become[...]
Week 18 & 19 – What’s wrong with me?!
Everything went wrong from week 18. I went back to Hungary to see my father and I stopped with the[...]
Week 17/a – The hero’s journey
Watching this week's suppliment made me think. It is mindblowing how Aimee changed her feelings and thinking and ultimately her[...]
Week 17 – Growing dreams
A few weeks ago I realised that a lot of things that I think about pop up in my surroundings,[...]
Week 16 – Kindness
:) This week has brought a great difference for me with focussing on kindness. Everything is much easier and lighter,[...]
Week 15 -Courage
New year. I had an emotional December dealing with circumstances that has been another milestone probably in everyone's life in[...]