Experience of week 11

Persistance is a big thing for me to learn. The explenation of persistance on the webcast cleard up a lot of things for me. Now I understand what I was really doing in the past (‘hanging around’) and why it did not bring anything. Persistance is a series of continuous actions towards the desired goal and together with determination it is power! There is a conscious choice there, whether I take actions or not and together with discipline it is real power! I have at times experienced this power in myself and I have not managed to keep it. I  have read a quote in another blog which says that when we dream something we are usually not ready for them at the time. We need to develop ourselves to be able to ‘handle’ the experience, to be able to live with it. It feels like we need to ‘strech’ ourselves. That’s how I feel, I need to keep working on myself to grow and learn to let my light shine, to ‘grow up’ to the dream that I have dreamed for myself. To be able to serve others I have to be like a fountain: whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy and I have to develop it in myself in a steady way so that nothing can get to it. I haven’t got it yet, but I have started the journey and have felt what’s the fountain like!! Keep focusing on the intention! I persist until I succeed!

“At the time when we recognize our Visions, we are usually not ready for them. We don’t have the ability to handle the big things that we are dreaming. We don’t have the experience or the character for them. God prepares us to receive and work in our visions. “

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Sophie Serre - December 18, 2014

Hi Terez, how wonderfully you put this into your blog. I love it. Bless you!

Stephen Serna - December 16, 2014

To be like a fountain..very cool…very well said. Peace and Blessings to you Terez.

Master Key Kim San http://masterkeykimsankuan.wordpress.com/ - December 15, 2014

Hi Terez, yes, usually we were not ready for anything bigger than us. For me I have learned to say “face the fear, and do it anyway” which means “jump in first and figure out the how later”. Yes, it is scary and takes some practice of our courage at first, but we will get used to it after a short while. 🙂

masterkeysheilae - December 15, 2014

Terez, You are starting to have things click and that is super exciting. You are getting more powerful and stronger as you walk along this journey.

zoeygennat1 - December 13, 2014

So true, I am with you 🙂


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