Experience of week 14

I could not go to work today with my car because the battery went flat. This experience put a mirror in front of me to see where I am now. I am flat at the moment just like my car’s battery. Needs recharging just like me. The Christmas period got me off the track; and I recognised myself in the experience Davene shared with us starting to neglect the exercises when things start to go well. I have done a lot of work since to catch up and I am doing well, I can already see the path back in. I need to recharge myself or I will stay flat. And being flat is terrible. Boring, grey and static. No development just aimless existence at the same level. I want to get back and fly!

October Sky. The young Homer’s persistence is exemplary, he kept going following his dream; he and his friends (Maser Mind Alliance) were so enthusiastic about it, they put a lot of time, effort and energy into it. Whatever help or material they needed they got it, the Universe delivered it to them. A lot of obstacles got in the way, and it would have been very easy and obvious for him to follow his father becoming a miner. The turning point was his conversation with his teacher …”you just gotta listen inside” so he listened inside and however his dream was something quite unusual, almost like a path hardly walked before, he chose his dream, took the courage to dare and followed it through with faith. The results were generous: he got to do in all his life what he was passionate about!

This movie really touched me; I feel like I was in the mine during the past few weeks by neglecting the drill and loosing touch with my inner core. But I am on the way now to the sky!


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terezm - January 10, 2015

Thank you very much Luc!

Luc - January 9, 2015

Great blog as usual, Terez, you have a fantastic talent to describe your current state of being, it is almost as if we could be in your own tires…sorry, shoes 🙂 I am very happy that you could overcome this difficult time. I also loved October Sky, a great example of persistence and faith.

pffrgm1 - January 7, 2015

Great Movie showing persistance and determination. I watched Cool Runnings and Door to Door. they were both good and especially interesting on all as they are true storys.

masterkeysharons - January 4, 2015

I agree. Recharging and getting back on, great insight.

mkmmahooper - January 3, 2015

I agree…I stumbled too. Feels great to be back on track. Growing up in coal mining area of central pa..I bould relate to Homer. My family wasn’t in mining. But grandfather ran the coal railroad, grandmother was Irish and the family business was Kelly mines and looking at the history was low end soft coal mining…very dangerous. I could relate to October skies. Great movie, worth watching. I went to Rudy powerful focus even when he was told by every authority figure to give up. Wow!

zoeygennat1 - January 3, 2015

I hear you Terez, you now know too much, going back hurts, get back in the saddle baby, ride on! 🙂

sharolyne - January 3, 2015

Great job! Welcome back =)


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