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Week 12 – New start

Right. After spending a few days in the darkness of being almost paralised, hardly doing anything I decided to continue this journey another way. Instead of being inactive watching how others get along well  by doing what they have to do I took another direction. Getting back to the community helped me back on track, […]

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Week 11 – To do or not to do

That is the question. Things have settled down around my Father, the initial shock is over. Why is it that I get on top of things and deliver when it is urgent, then when I can breathe again I just stop with everything? It could be another way. If I did my best emergencies would […]

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Week 10 – Persistance

I have been with my elderly Father sorting out things for him, which has been very intense emotionally. Doing the mkmma material has become very important, it is like having something that balances me out, it is like oxigen for me. There was a point when I felt this was all too much for me […]

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Week 9 -Applying the knowledge

This week a family emergency has come up and I had to go back to my country to take care of my Father and the whole situation that has arisen. Being in a highly emotional state I could just about concentrate and sort out the most necessary things before I went to see my Father. […]

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Week 8 – Who are you?

Reading Scroll 2 for three weeks now one of the last paragraphs has especially become meaningful for me. “And most of all I love myself.” Standing in no man’s land looking back and forward I am realising that this is something that I was not able to do in the past but it feels very important if […]

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