Week 13 – Balance

This week was about keeping the balance, keeping myself upright and not letting despair overtake my emotions. Christmas was over shadowed with having to make a difficult decision in the family, it was an emotional turmoil for me. I kept reminding myself about where I was initially going and every time I caught myself wondering off the desired path entertaining negative thoughts I switched to repeating an affirmation. I did my sits every day and I am immensely grateful for Jana’s meditation that’s available in the resources; it has greatly helped me to find back to peace and love, where I really belong. Persistance, persistance. It was so difficult, but I kept going and going. Masterkeysaras’ blog has been another rock to help me move forward. “Treat your mind, body and soul as a temple. … Remember to slow down. Bathe in the stillness and breathe. All is well. All is loving. All is light. Connect and love.”  Moving. I have been experiencing loads of love and cooperation in the family, which I am sooo grateful for. Things are moving forward unexpectedly. I have balanced myself out, keeping coming back from the dark pit that I am used to with connecting to myself and omnipotence. I have achieved it because I made a choice in those moments. I wonder what it would be like to live fully in harmony? Wow. 🙂

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masterkeyadele - January 9, 2016

Seems we go in and out of that Harmony. Noticing that gets us closer!

Charlottes Masterkey - January 8, 2016

Wow.. there is nothing more to say than wow..
Love you process..

Sandra Owen - December 28, 2015

Bravo Terez! The world without is only a mirror or what is going on within. You are experiencing more harmony without because you are experiencing more harmony within. You can contact me anytime too. I am here for you.

masterkeygaryb - December 28, 2015

Well done:) I am very happy to hear that you are in harmony and moving forward, the hard work will be paid off keep growing::)


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