Week 14 – Wild

I watched Wild from the movies. In this emotional turmoil that I am in just highlighted the importance of finding and being with myself. I learned a lot watching Cheryl’s journey. It was an emotional turmoil for her as well as physically challenging. Leaving the civilisation for a while led her to something much more precious. She went below the surface allowing herself to connect with her feelings working through the past and coming to terms with it; the ‘baggage’, which got lighter on the way physically as well 🙂 She did not compare herself to others just kept up with her own pace and accepted that and kept moving forward however hard it was to do so at times. This story made me look at the real things, what is inside. Taking care of myself, my body, my mind and my soul because it is the most precious thing to have myself whole. Persistance, just to keep up with my journey however difficult it is. Appreciating what comes in my way; everything, a drop of water, warm food or safety as well as meaningful human connections. Finding acceptance, peace, strength and love within and without. I know what to do.

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terezm - January 21, 2016

Thank you Sandra!

Sandra Owen - January 16, 2016

Great post Terez, this is one film I haven’t seen yet, so will check it out. Thanks for sharing.

mkmmagreg - January 15, 2016

Great Terez! Sounds like you are growing stronger and looking out for yourself and others 🙂

Charlottes Masterkey - January 12, 2016

Hope I can find this movie somewhere.. sounds like just the movie I need.. 🙂


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