Week 15 -Courage

New year. I had an emotional December dealing with circumstances that has been another milestone probably in everyone’s life in the close family. Serious decisions have been made and carried out; a new chapter started in everyone’s life involved in the family. The mutual support and understanding made the process smooth and harmonious. I quietly cried my eyes out witnessing and participating in the process of the ‘old’ things and patterns going or transforming. This week’s lesson hit my eyes discussing the process of growth and how important it is to let go everything that no longer serves us to make space for the new. Every experience comes to us for our benefit including the difficulties to learn from it. It is in our power to be in harmony with the natural laws and our decision to let go of the old or something good for the better. These thoughts have greatly helped me to view my/our situation differently. The initial feeling of ‘tragedy’ has changed, there is a sense of hope, neccessery change and welcoming something new, better and stronger.

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Sandra Owen - January 16, 2016

It is not until we let go that we truly test our wings. You are doing brilliantly Terez.

Charlottes Masterkey - January 12, 2016

Had to read your blog.. my Word last week was courage.. so..
Glad that you shared your struggle.. 🙂

annedenis87 - January 10, 2016

Wonderful post – congratulation that you can welcome the changes.


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