Week 23 – Feelings

Feelings are important for me, I am driven by them. Reading the current scroll I had to realise that I am very much driven by them. I wake up in the morning with a flad of thoughts and the quality of my day is set by them. I have never noticed it before! They sneek in and start to talk to me setting my feelings and mood. There are so many personalities in me, the dramaqueen, the victim, the dragon, unbelievable! “For unless my mood is right the day is a failure.” Very true. I have observed my mood sinking very low by allowing negative thoughts in. How easy it is to go with the negative flow and grow it till it becomes a disaster! What do I do about it? When I have caught myself in the mornings entertaining negative or just dull thoughts and I stopped and chose something else to think about. A pleasant one or one of my affirmations or I stayed with the same thought from a different angle – what a change! This does not come naturally to me yet, I have to make a conscious effort to change my thoughts and stick with the positive ones. It is like when a pianist is getting ready to play the most beautiful piece of music – the piano and the notes have to sound right. I am learning to play my music instrument now and I am making progress 🙂

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Charlottes Masterkey - April 19, 2016

Amazing being a good observer.. so you now can move on from this..
That is amazing 🙂 way to go..


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